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 Jacob Prasch!

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PostSubject: Jacob Prasch!   Jacob Prasch! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 2:09 am

Just to let you all know that I'm back from the Jacob Prasch conference.

Oh my giddy aunt it was WONDERFUL! Praise The Lord!

There is a man who knows and loves the truth, not at all harsh like people say he is, but with a TRUE heart for the Lord and caring for the sheep.

The topic was Christs return as foreshadowed in the feasts of Israel and it was very very good.

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried at quite a few points.

I had all sorts of lovely people say nice things over me, and pray for me, and I even had a dream which I think might have been from the Lord time will tell).

Let me encourage you, for all of you out there who are hurting, lonely, who have had to leave a church or been ostracised for speaking out,..there a SO many out there who are just like you and have been through the exact same thing - I did not meet a single person there who had not been through all that and much worse for their faith.

Jacob spoke about this today, and about how tough the times are going to get for us, and how only the faithful churches would stand when everything in the world is being shaken, and I really believe it.

I have ordered some cds and will get some more, and a dvd, if anyone wants a cpoy please let me know as they allow you to copy and distribute them.

I wish you all could come along, and if there is any way that you could make it next year (and I would do everything I could to help with that in terms of providing transport and helping financially) then I would urge you to think VERY seriously about it - I think the encouragement you would recieve would change so much for you.

A big hug to you all Jacob Prasch! 605530
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Prasch!   Jacob Prasch! Icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 2:58 am

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it Hetty, I know it's a long time away but it will soon come round and I would love to come with you next year, if I can go to London I can certainly get a train bac k home to hear Jacob Prasch, he speaks a lot down London way Lorraine was telling me some of her friends went to hear him preach and it was excellent. So it's next September then, if God spares us cheers
BTW could you copy a tape for me please and i''l let Adele and her hubby hear it to they have never heard him speak. I'll pay the P+P hetty I don't expect you to do all that for nothing, thanks Hettyxxx

we're marching to Zion the beautiful city of God
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Jacob Prasch!
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